Greg Crumpton was the Founder of AirTight Mechanical, Inc., AirTight was purchased by Service Logic, the single largest privately held HVAC Mechanical Service Company in the US, in November of 2014.

After graduating high school, he started working as a service technician while attending the United Association’s Local 72 four-year technical apprenticeship, then attended Clayton State University.

Greg and his wife, Connie, conceptualized and founded AirTight Mechanical, Inc. in August of 1999 with the vision of building an HVAC service company focussed on exceptional customer service and quality. Driven by details, he understands the importance of communication and that downtime is not an option in critical environments.

His specialties include environmental conditioning and the design of those systems for the IT industry including data centers, computer rooms, test labs and the telecom market. Active within several industry associations, Greg primary focus is on the education of employees, customers and potential customers.

Having a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Greg is part of several start-ups, as well as a few matured entities that have a 20-year history.  He is a founding equity partner of Atom Power, Inc. as well as an equity stakeholder in Ebullient Cooling, LLC. and several start-up phased ventures.

Serving on the Board of Directors of The Humane Society of Charlotte allowed Greg to stay close to his one of his other passions, animals.  Other philanthropic efforts are more one-on-one based to allow true mentoring.  A student for life, Greg continues to push the entrepreneurial envelope with several young “Start-up’s” that he nurtures and devotes time to help young people develop lifelong skills and trades.  He actively supports the arts,,, Habitat for Humanity and as of late,, the educational foundation he founded to help educate the next generation of technical workers, with a mindful eye towards STEM programs.

We caught up with Greg to discuss his involvement with GoneTrippin as their Business and Marketing Advisor.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now? 

Yes, only because I have been an early adopter in life, this seems so natural to me. As technology continues to leap-frog at a pace that seems almost impossible to keep up with, you have to do just that… keep up.  To totally understand a technology, I, as an engineer-minded soul have to experience it, therefore, technology that I am interested in, first I try it, then I buy (or in this case) invest in it.

Give us a one-minute pitch for what you are doing now? 

I serve several industries and entities by being actively involved in continuous learning and technology advancements.  As a participant in several start-ups that range from Atom Power and Ebullient Cooling, and then on to totally earthy adventures with Global Venture Consulting & Commonplace Coffee / Each of these entities requires unique skills and technology. Coffee needs technology you may ask? Absolutely, just as removing heat from CPU’s, FPGA’s and other computer hardware is critical to Ebullient, understanding how the earth, water and roasting effect coffee. It’s all about submersing into the entity.

Why did you get involved with this ICO? 

It is the logical “next step” in commerce, in my opinion. I came to know of the ICO through a mutual friend of the founder.  He knew that I was a tech-nerd-investor in early-stage capital and asked me to sit in for an overview.  I did so and saw this as the next logical step for me and this particular industry and the people serving and enjoying this lifestyle.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea? 

People are able to readily apply the concept to their specific passion, in this case “eco-travel & similar thoughts”  Belonging to “your tribe” means just that.  It means embracing what is new for you, it means embracing what is good for the notion that your passion is built around and finally it means that you as a user help it reach its tipping point, thus allowing it to become mainstream.

How can people contact you to find out more about 1. The ICO 2. you & your work?

You can find Greg at: on LinkedIn, as well as @gregcrumpton on Twitter and currently serving as the Vice President of Critical Facilities for   Visit as well for more information.




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