By @SimonCocking interesting interview with  Ronald van Loon Helping data driven companies generating value•Top10 Influencer . Ronald will be speaking at  at DES in Madrid next week. Digital Enterprise Show  Join Digital Business World Congress next 23-25 May 2017

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m the Director at Data and Analytics consultancy firm, Adversitement, and an Advisory Board member and course advisor at professional certification and educational provider, Simplilearn. I’m also an active blogger on numerous data science, Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning sites, in addition to hosting webinars and leading industry events within the same areas of focus.

What have the last 12 months been like for you?

It’s been a very fast paced year, and fortunately I’ve been quite busy with numerous industry events, blogging, webinars, and engaging with other data science professionals.

What are your plans for the future?

We are at the cusp of a global digital transformation where data and analytics is changing the way we live, work, and experience the world we live in. It’s important that people understand how Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning are transforming our world for the better. I intend to keep people informed and updated on all aspects of digital transformation, including the implementation of the right technologies, people, and processes to create modern, digital business environments. I will continue to share my knowledge on social media, via industry events, one on one meetings, and interviews.

What will you be talking about at this event?

Among interesting topics like Artificial Intelligence, I’ll be discussing the importance of fostering a data-driven culture within businesses, one that’s built upon a foundation of the right people, processes, and technologies to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

What inspired you to attend it?

I’m inspired to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and meet with with like-minded peers who are equally passionate about this era of digital transformation we’re living in.

What influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

Keeping informed about the latest industry trends is important in this industry as technological advancement is progressing so rapidly. I regularly check Data Science Central, Datafloq, and Twitter hashtags like #Bigdata, #Datascience, #IoT, and #machinelearning.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

For those who are interested in the latest industry developments, trending topics, and insights, please see my articles on LinkedIn, or join my LinkedIn Group. Also, check out my Webinars on Brighttalk, and connect with me via Twitter so you can stay up to date on all of my activities.

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