By Oscar Michel  Student in Journalism in DCU

From the 20 to the 23rd of June, Palexpo will be hosting the 16th international meeting of high precision leaders in Geneva. The watchmaking, technological innovation and medical technology industries will be represented during the event.

This event was organised to generate new business opportunities. Although the market is less profitable, the companies see this event as a major opportunity.

The professional Swiss watchmaking and jewellery environment (EPHJ) is famous in the world as it is one of the biggest income of the Swiss economy. Regarding to exportation, it boomed in the last couple of years. In 1986, the industry gained 4.3 billion CHF, and in 2013, the industry gained 21.1 billion CHF.

Training, creation, and design will beemphasisedd during the event. The EPHJ will mention their management policies by introducing the machines, tools and the packaging display. One of the panel discussions of EPHJ will include the famous watchmaker Dominique Renaud.

The Microtechnology Professional Environment (EPMT), has influenced different sectors of the Swiss economy like health, security, mobility or food supply. With 340,000 employees, it is the largest industrial employer in Switzerland and represented 64.6 Billion CHF in 2012, in other terms, 32.2% of the Swiss exports.

Many Swiss electrical and mechanical engineering firms play a key role on the international scene. During panel discussions, the developments of 3D and 4D printing will be discussed as well as new laser technologies.

EPMT is specialised in aeronautics, automobiles, automation, robotics, watchmaking, metrology, optics, laser technologies and logistics. Visitors will be able to discover new products.

The Swiss medical technologies (SMT) is one of the most dynamic industries in Switzerland. It includes start-ups, small societies (SME) and employs around 100,000 people.

SMT does research and development of new medical technologies like implants or prosthetics. Visitors will be introduced to the latest innovations developed by SMT.

“This is already going great. The number of people who have subscribed to the event is similar to last year’s event in 2016, there is maybe even more this year” said Alexandre Catton, responsible of the event, in a press release. “The 2016 Show brought together 881 Swiss and International exhibitors”.

A price will be awarded to the best innovation of the event. In 2016, the price went to a watchmaking society called AJS Production.

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT also sponsored Roland J. Keller for his flight in zero gravity, they want the world to follow this adventure on every social media.

“This event Is a showcase for the excellence of the high precision sectors. The state-of-the-art technology such as that presented by EPMT has inspired my whole life as an entrepreneur. In addition, my years spent on the board of a major watchmaking group have enabled me to measure the immense know-how that is now being displayed in the framework of EPHJ” said Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, advisor to the federal department of economy.

The 16th international meeting of high precision will be waiting for you from the 20 to the 23rd of June.


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