The Christmas season is fast coming upon us resulting in stocking fillers becoming prominent in our thoughts, and yesterday I attended the launch of Watchovers Liberty smartwatch which is aiming to be one of the must have tech stocking fillers. The Liberty smartwatch is an SOS GPS Watch Phone that allows you to locate, monitor and communicate with your loved ones via your smartphone.

What really impressed me with the Liberty is how easy it is setup and use and that the main pain with smartwatches namely batteries is well taken care of. With moderate usage the Liberty’s battery can last forty eight hours and a recharge only takes an hour and a half. The Liberty is also a lightweight and comfortable wristwatch that allows you to instantly locate your loved ones via an App on your Apple or Android smart phone, and it lets you see where they are no matter how far away. It is suitable for the young and the not so young, giving them more freedom, and providing peace of mind for both the wearer and the carer.

The Liberty Smart Watch was developed in Ireland and is designed to allow you to feel more confident in giving your loved ones a little more freedom. You can make calls to the watch from permitted phone numbers of your choosing, and the wearer can make calls from the watch using the one button function.  You can receive alert notifications from the watch, set safe zones, check location history and set the alarm to message the wearer, all through the App on your own device.  Multiple watches can be added to the App so you can feel safe in the knowledge all of your children, parents, or vulnerable loved ones have a two-way communication line to you and your nominated guardians.

There is also a safety listening monitor and an SOS function whereby the wearer can automatically call the listed emergency numbers in the watch in a loop until the call is answered with an SOS message sent to all the emergency numbers instantly. Up to 10 other phone numbers can be added to the App, such as the childminder, or grandparents, so your loved one can contact them too.

Available in pink, green, white and blue, the Liberty watch is splashproof and comes with its own sim card and phone number. A key safety feature is caller screening, allowing only your chosen numbers to call or be called from the watch.

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According to busy mum of two boys aged 9 and 13, Fiona O’Connor, “The Liberty has given me the peace of mind of knowing where my children are at all times when they’re not with me. It’s particularly handy when they’re out and about cycling to and from football, at the park, or when they are off playing with pals. I can give them the freedom I had as a child, whilst ensuring they’re safe. I also have my father-in-law, who spends a lot of time in Spain, on my WatchOvers App, so I can see how he’s getting on when he’s there. I can’t put a price on the confidence WatchOvers gives me in knowing my loved ones are safe and instantly contactable.”

Available at the wrist watch costs €139.95 and the monthly mobile bundle is €9.95 per month which includes 30 minutes talk time, all monthly location data and no roaming charges within 31 European countries and the United States. There is no mobile contract, giving you as much freedom as you like in the future. The WatchOvers App is free to download for Android at Google Play and in the Apple iTunes App Store.

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