The RSA Conference is a cryptography and information security-related conference that has been held since 1991 in San Francisco. Since 2005 it has held an Innovation Sandbox Contest. The competition is dedicated to encouraging out-of-the-box ideas and the exploration of new technologies that have the potential to transform the information security industry. Past winners include Sourcefire, Imperva, and most recently RedOwl Analytics. This year’s winner was Waratek a Dublin based company who was selected from a group of 10 finalists.

Waratek makes Java enterprise applications more secure and easier to manage. They also provide Runtime Application Self Protection for Java applications, providing transparent run-time application self-protection against business logic and network layer threats. The Waratek CloudVM enables organizations to deploy multiple Java apps on a single server within Cloud or datacenter environments to dramatically reduce operating costs.

Waratek won the award based on its ability to clearly demonstrate strengths in addressing the market’s need for better application protection against sophisticated attacks without having to install network devices, make code changes or greatly impact performance. Their winning pitch can be seen below.

“This is a huge honour and award for the Waratek team,
” said Anand Chavan, co-CTO of Waratek pictured below. “We were not anticipating this level of competition and every company that presented here is doing great things. It feels great to have this panel of judges validate our approach to this challenging security issue.”

Waratek RSA 2015 winners
“RSA Conference has always been dedicated to encouraging the discussion of new ideas and providing support for groundbreaking information security technologies that push the industry forward. It proved that once again, as Innovation Sandbox Contest’s 10 finalists showcased some of the most innovative security solutions,” said Sandra Toms, vice president and curator of RSA Conference. “Coming out on top, Waratek demonstrated that they were the most innovative new company by highlighting the need for their unique approach to application security.”

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