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Irish based rewards and recognition company, Gift Innovations, is bringing a completely new corporate social network to Ireland. Kudos Social Recognition is an employee recognition system which harnesses the power of social media to drive company culture and increases employee engagement using instant peer to peer and manager to peer recognition.

With social media playing such a pivotal role in society and how we live our daily lives, workplaces need to learn how to truly embrace the technology now available to hand. Technology is not going to slow down, none of this is going to disappear overnight and we are not going to go back to the way it was before social media. Technology evolves and employers will need to work and educate themselves on the ever growing set of social tools at their disposal.

Ann Lyons, Managing Director at Gift Innovations says that;

“We see this as the way forward for employee recognition. The global workforce is changing and so are their recognition needs.”

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. Two thirds of them say they intent to leave their current employer by 2020.

Dr. Paul Gadie, Partner at Gift Innovations also said that;

“Social recognition can be used by an organisation to engage employees, utilising their familiar infrastructure of social media. This is especially effective when engaging with millennials in the workplace who expect instant access, sincere recognition and feedback. When social recognition utilises the best features of social media, millennials can be recognised quickly and efficiently, increasing the potential of retaining staff for longer.”

Research has found that one third of Irish employees feel unappreciated at work while almost half of all millennials believe ongoing recognition would improve their relationships with their manager.

Due to its analytics, Kudos Social Recognition can measure engagement which brings real value to the Social Recognition tool for employers. The system can also be customised to demonstrate and promote the qualities of a particular workforce. Dr. Paul Gadie added that;

“Social recognition helps to build an organisational culture that goes the extra mile, for colleagues and customers alike. It supports the building of a more cohesive culture, which leads to greater discretionary effort and improved profitability. The bottom line? Social Recognition can help build a profitable organisation, which is also a great place to work.”

Gift Innovations has partnered with Canadian software company Kudos to provide support and training to Kudos users based in Ireland and the UK.

About Gift Innovations:

Gift Innovations was founded in 2002 by Ann Lyons. The Limerick based company offers rewards and recognition solutions to leading companies nationwide. Gift Innovations also offers a consultancy service which promotes best practices for employee rewards and recognition.

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