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Irish startup Emojitones has launched its iOS and Android app. Emojitones is a full featured text messaging platform that transforms emoji with the power of sound. Emojitones will be live at Silicon Valley Comic Con from March 18-20th, San Jose, California, Booth 647.

More than 6 billion emojis are used daily to add meaning to text messages as well as tweets, Facebook posts and more. The demand for culturally diverse emoji was so popular that Apple recently included them in an iOS update.

Everyone is using emoji, just recently I have realised that my emoji game has become pretty strong. Even my mother has it nailed when it comes to communicating with emoji.

The Emojitones text message app for iOS and Android adds new levels of fun, self-expression and personalisation to the unstoppable rise of the emoji.

Emojitones is the brainchild of Dublin based entrepreneur, Guy de Bromhead who said;

“Even with the addition of emojis, text messaging remains relatively emotionless when compared to face to face interaction. Sound is the missing link; and what better way to deliver it than packaged with the appropriate emoji icon.  Anyone who texts know the trouble that can be caused when a message is mis-understood.  The Emojitones app removes that ambiguity, empowering users to express what they really feel in images plus sound – and have fun in the process!”

“The Emojitones product is unique in that the delivery of the emoji icons-plus-sound is instantaneous. Simlly send a text message, photo or video and add your favorite emoji as usual. When the receiver swipes open the message the cloud-hosted sounds play back inline — automatically — to create a dynamic and often hilarious new mode of messaging.”

Emojitones is a zany way to send sounds in your text messages through emoji and combines the power of text messages with sound. Each emoji has its own unique sound and the tones will play automatically when a text message is opened.

It sounds a bit out there however given the rise in popularity for apps such as the newly reinvented Bebo app and Snapchat – Emojitone could be hitting around the right mark, particularly with a young audience who want their apps to be fun!

You can download Emojitones below.


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