Any entrepreneur will attest to the highs and lows that an entrepreneurial journey will bring.

In recent years, however, entrepreneurship has developed an image that highlights only the positives and the wins. And there are many; but this type of image only tells half the story.

To remedy this situation, Jamie White, founder of Leading Social and named Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Dublin 2014 & 2015, has created The Start Summit.

“I wish this event had been around when I started out in business. Of course, being an entrepreneur is a phenomenal experience, but there is way too much sugar-coating of the real challenges that go with starting and running a business,” Jamie says.

Inspiration and a reality check

The Start Summit will be held at Dublin Castle on 15th September. It is a whole-day event.

“This is the inaugural year of The Start Summit and my team and I have a clear vision of the support and environment we want to offer new entrepreneurs, and those wanting to grow existing businesses, now and in the future,” Jamie explains. “We’ve deliberately created an event that is of human scale so no one gets lost in the crowd to counteract startup events that are intimidating and too large.”

Various keynotes and panel discussions from some of Ireland’s most high profile entrepreneurs, including Ray Nolan (Hostelworld and xSellco) and Jacquie Marsh (Butler’s Pantry), will take place throughout the day.

Workshops that share best-in-class advice and tactics, and one-to-one sessions with leaders that have accounting, taxation, marketing, sales and PR expertise are also scheduled.

The Start Summit has been created for entrepreneurs to hear from, and ask questions of, some of Ireland’s top business leaders. In addition to hearing how these business leaders experienced highs and lows along the way to their own success, attendees will also have the opportunity to make valuable connections and network.

Along with the two speakers named above, attendees will also hear from Shane Curran (18-year-old tech entrepreneur), Pat Falvey (Adventurer, climbed Mount Everest. Twice!), Pat Phelan (Trustev) and Ailbhe Keane (Izzy Wheels).

Attendees are encouraged to make the most of The Start Summit by arriving early, preparing some questions they want to get answered across the course of the day and using the many networking opportunities to build their communities.

People interested in attending can book tickets directly from the website. Interest has been huge and many people have expressed their appreciation for an event that tells the whole entrepreneurial story.

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