What is your background briefly?
I am Dennis Oosting, Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions. I have almost 10 years experience in a managing position in retail, financing and customer service. I am a graduate school student, who turned crypto enthusiast. My study focus has been on climate change and sustainable development – which is a theme that also comes back a lot in the crypto space. I heard about Bitcoin before, but my journey only started when I started reading into Ethereum. From here I dug deeper into new opportunities and technological advancements that came knocking in the world of blockchain and fintech.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?
At that time it was quite a switch, from full-time studying to eventually starting my own business in the crypto space. However, I am happy that I did it. From the first time I entered the world of crypto’s until now, I have participated in quite a lot of ICOs and had a fairly great success rate. I think that my background in financials and managing most definitely helped with setting things up and growing my network.

Give us a one-minute pitch for what you are doing now.
A couple months ago I started my own company, a so-called “one-stop-shop for Blockchain Solutions for businesses, start-ups and ICOs.” This takes up a quite amount of time because potential customers and clients are everywhere and I love to help where I can. Currently, I act as an advisor i.e. consultant for start-ups and ICO projects. Additionally, I help with managing marketing, sales and social media channels.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?
Fraser Brown reached out to me through LinkedIn about Presale.Market, after which I put him in contact with my colleague at Serendipity Blockchain Solutions, as I was busy at the time. However, it was only shortly thereafter that I contacted Fraser myself to get involved as I really liked the idea and wanted to help out. Only recently, a couple of ICO rating sites came into a very bad light, in regards of fraud, paid reviews and scam tactics.

I believe that decentralization offers the solutions for many problems faced in the ICO and STO space. The space has been put in a negative light lately, but with Presale.Market’s offered solution, we are able to counteract these problems and provide a much-needed solution in the ICO and STO world.

How can people find out more about 1. The ICO:
As there are a lot of crypto enthusiasts, experts and influencers already onboard, the project will grow organically as the time passes. Additionally, I suggest reading up on all recently published posts on either Presale.Market’s Medium channel or joining the Telegram group.

How can people find out more about 2. you & your work?

People are free to reach out to me and/or follow me on any of my social media channels.
– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dajmoosting/
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/iDennisOosting
– Medium: https://medium.com/@iDennisOosting
– Telegram: https://t.me/Dennis_SerendipityTech
– E-mail: [email protected]

Or visit our website at https://www.serendipitytech.io

Anything else you’d like to add?

Usually the biggest problem with ICOs and start-ups is that founders believe too much in the exclusivity of their product and are blinded by their own ego and greed. The ICO space was booming in 2017, however 2018 is the year of the working products. As the space has become saturated, with projects all offering the same, or slightly better products, it has become increasingly hard to get your name out there. However, do not falter and keep doing what you do best. If you really are offering a solution to a problem, work it out and let the world see that you are indeed offering a much-needed solution. Do not spend funds recklessly on so-called influencers, on wash-trading exchanges or expensive (and not needed) business trips. We have entered the period of adoption, so save your money for your product and make it work.



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