Kickstarter is a great way of getting products noticed and funded, and one product that is on it is VIZY, which offers a simple patented solution to prevent road accidents around the world.

VIZY announced last month the release of the world’s safest car mount which aims to revolutionise the way people drive their cars on the road and it comes with a smartphone app, aiming to prevent road accidents. As smartphones are becoming more of a viable alternative to traditional car Sat Nav’s, VIZY will enable drivers to use them in a safe responsible manner.

Speaking to Irish Tech News, VIZY founder Daniel Fadur said “Vizy is designed with the driver’s’ safety in mind. “At a speed of 100 km/h (60mph), in JUST 2 seconds, a car will travel 55 meters (60 yards). If you take your eyes off the road in that moment, disaster can strike! Our car mount is trying to solve this problem.”

“The human visual field has an approximative 60-degree angle. Approximative 15-degree for the object of focus and 45-degree for the peripheral visual field. The peripheral visual field is divided in two: 10-15-degree above the object of focus and 30-35-degree under it.

When using a phone mount that is attached to the vent, the driver’s visual field is drastically diminished, having less than 10-degree to view the road. Using a windshield mount, the phone may be hard to reach and it’s also illegal in most US states. Our product solves these problems” added Daniel.

VIZY is available on Kickstarter at special early bird prices (starting at $9). For more information, visit the VIZY Kickstarter page, the VIZY website or find them on Facebook.

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