Virgin Media has today announced a key milestone in the Virgin Mobile journey, with the launch of its range of mobile phones, featuring top brands including the Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia X from Thursday, 7th July.

Superfast 4G is now included at no extra cost for all Virgin Mobile customers, with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Virgin Mobile are also making buying a mobile phone completely different with their Virgin Mobile ‘Freestyle’ contract. It gives customers greater flexibility to:

1. Choose the plan, the phone and the contract length they want to best meet their needs

2. Change their plan up or down any month

3. Upgrade their phone whenever they want, and without penalty – by paying off what they owe on the phone only

How does Virgin Media ‘Freestyle’ work?
Unlike standard mobile contracts, Virgin Mobile Freestyle splits your monthly payments in two, but on one bill. Your bill will show one figure for your Mobile Phone, and one for your Plan. Add them together, and that’s what you’ll be paying each month. It’s transparent – so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Even better, once you have paid off your phone over your contract, you stop paying for that phone. This allows a customer to stop paying for something they’ve already paid for

Launch offers include the Apple iPhone 6s 16GB and the Samsung Galaxy S7 from just €190 upfront, and only €35 a month for the first 4 months, and €50 thereafter – on a 24 month contract. This includes an Unlimited plan, with unlimited 4G data, calls and texts.

Virgin Mobile launch

Ronan McEvoy (pictured above on the far left), Head of Mobile, Virgin Media said: “Since the launch of Virgin Mobile last October, our mission has been to shake up the market by offering simple, good value offers – starting with Virgin Mobile Unlimited. We’re continuing this with our range of mobile phones, carrying the best brands, the latest phones and keeping it simple. Why sell over 50 phones, when most customers just want to choose from a range of high quality bestsellers like Apple, Samsung and Sony”

“With 4G data, we wanted to give all of our customers the best data experience we can – but at no extra cost. No need to opt-in, or change your plan, or pay more. Again, we’re keeping it simple!”

If you chose an iPhone 6s 16GB Virgin Media customers can save at least €240 compared to Vodafone or Meteor customers.

Prices for non-Virgin Media TV or Broadband customers are €5 more per month, with no promotion.

The phones available with Virgin Mobile are:

· Apple iPhone 6s 16GB & 64GB
· Apple iPhone 6
· Apple iPhone 5s
· Apple iPhone SE
· Samsung Galaxy S7
· Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
· Samsung Galaxy S6
· Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
· Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) – Coming Soon
· Sony Xperia X
· Sony Xperia XA
· Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
· Microsoft Lumia 550

You will have noticed that they are limiting themselves to four phones brands and Ronan McEvoy from Virgin Mobile mentioned that is because, customers tend to look at the phone before they look at the plans on offer. The brands offered are the probably four of the biggest brands available and the phones being sold also include top of the range models.It is also worth noting that insurance is not available yet but it something that Virgin Media are looking to introduce in the future.

At the moment Virgin Mobile has between ten to fifteen thousand subscribers and they are now looking to increase this, and by offering something different than the competitor’s they should easily achieve this.

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