Viber desktop launched yesterday for Mac and Windows PC’s. For me Viber is Skype and Whatsapp combined. An easy to set up app which is available on almost all platforms which is nice to see from a company. All too frequently we see complaints from aficionados of different OS’s complaining why a company hasn’t produced a version of their favourite app for their OS of choice. The desktop version of Viber works very nice. It is able to sync with your mobile device if you’ve already got Viber installed on it allowing you to see your contacts where ever you are. You can send messages or call other Viber users for free and in testing on my 2omb fibre line I found the call quality very good. I’d like to see them expand on what they’ve got so far and allow for conference calls. Viber is one of my favourite apps because not only does it work and is available on multiple platforms but their support team genuinely is interested in hearing from and helping it’s users. An example of this is that they have registered reps on who can answer your queries and update with new info quickly.

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