7Seconds’ Solution Presented to Russian Community for the First Time

Alexei Chalenko, 7Seconds’ founder and CEO

On August 15, MOSCOW BLOCKCHAIN AGENCY and FINAM investment company organized the first public presentation of 7Seconds’ blockchain solution in Russia.

At the event, 7Seconds’ founder and CEO Alexei Chalenko, co-founder Anatoly Chernenko and business development director Alexander Nesterov explained how the company’s blockchain-based solution for credit scoring will make the entire global POS lending segment more efficient and transparent.

Anatoly Chernenko, 7Seconds’ co-founder, and Tatyana Bilyk, project manager at Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT)

The presentation was attended by venture capitalists, private investors, business angels and representatives of major investment funds.

“The event showed substantial interest in our project on the part of the investor community,” says Alexei Chalenko. “I hope it will become a starting point for fruitful dialog with a number of investors.”

Alexander Nesterov, business development director at 7Seconds

Representatives of 7Seconds’ technological partners also took part in the event.

Gerbert Shopnik, an account manager at Bitfury

Gerbert Shopnik, an account manager at Bitfury , and Tatyana Bilyk, project manager at Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT) , discussed specific blockchain applications in 7Seconds’ platform and its broader technological aspects.

“This platform is not just about blockchain,” said Bilyk. “This is a combination of cutting-edge technologies. It features artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain as one of the components.”


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