A new project from EOS Dublin, EOS Bootcamp (www.eosbootcamp.com), is an educational site for everyone involved in the EOS blockchain. The Bootcamp has three main tracks: Beginners / Users; Application Developers; and Block Producers. The site offers structured courses in these three tracks. Courses are being added weekly in all three tracks. In its current iteration, EOS Bootcamp offers the following courses:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Buying EOS
  • How to get an EOS Account
  • Creating a Wallet
  • What is a Block Producer?
  • Voting your EOS
  • How to Browse securely
  • How to Monitor the Network
  • EOS Tools
  • EOS Permissions
  • EOS Proxy Voting
  • EOS App Development
  • Developer Tools
  • EOS Permissions

The majority of the courses come from the EOS Dublin team, two of whom are seasoned college professors. All of the courses are free and will remain so. The longest course so far is “How to Vote” which takes about 2 hours to complete, and the shortest is “How to Buy EOS” which takes about 15 minutes. But as the technology evolves, the courses will be updated, and with the involvement of a variety of experts, they will reflect multiple approaches.  

Bootcamp has an open-door policy, and it aims to be a home for quality tutorials coming from other Block Producer Teams. Currently, Blockgenic, EOS New York, Blocksmith, and EOSphere have joined in and contributed content. Soon, a “Donate” option will be set up, where Block Producers can choose to donate to the Bootcamp education fund.

Aside from the course content, users can also interact with their teachers in forums. Each user can create their own profile, and receive certificates of completion as they work through the courses.  They can also “friend” their teachers and other users. Most courses also have helpdesk forums. Since about half of the EOS network is in Asia, the team is looking for course contributions in Mandarin and Korean as well. Currently, 51 students have created a profile, with many more users viewing the courses without individual profiles. It is an open-source platform, and anyone who feels they have knowledge to impart is encouraged to teach for the Bootcamp.

EOS Dublin team member Isaac Peterson says that EOS Bootcamp should be like an “online campus” where users can come to learn about EOS and blockchain in general no matter if they are beginners or advanced users. He hopes that students form learning communities, where they can help support one another in mastering the network or app development.

EOS promises to be a very fast and secure infrastructure that has the potential to provide alternatives to centralized corporations. In the EOS model, users are rewarded for sharing their data. The basis for the blockchain is the EOS cryptocurrency, and so it has lured investors as well as techies. The problem is that some of the basics of EOS can be hard to understand, given its newness on the market and the difficulty in obtaining EOS. It is not yet a straightforward experience to “buy” EOS and therefore join the network. Once someone owns EOS, they need to keep them in a secure online “wallet.” After a user gets started with EOS, they also have the choice to stake their EOS in order to support one or another of the block producers, independent companies like EOS Dublin who provide the security and technology of the network.

The EOSIO blockchain is revolutionary technology and EOS Bootcamp is a great entry point, whether you are a beginning user, an app developer interested in working on EOSIO, or considering becoming a block producer candidate.


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