Interview with Frederique Murphy, Mountain Moving Mindset Strategist, and Speaker & Master of Ceremonies at both CHAINGES and DES Digital Business World Congress — 2 of the largest global tech events of the year!

Simon Cocking (ITN) – What you are doing now?

Frederique Murphy (FM)Generally, inspiring and equipping leaders to move through extraordinary change! As the founder of the Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform, all of my contextual models are about moving through change by shifting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. As a mindset strategist, I keynote, MC, train, consult, coach and do LOVE pushing the boundaries. I do this by equipping my clients with mind and brain knowledge that they can then apply to their job, so that they then can push even further, and step out of the box, into the extraordinary. I blend my scientific background – using 3 sciences to deliver my message (positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change), with my change expertise – I’ve over 15 years of experience in corporate change and business transformation for large multinational organisations, to create lasting change.

And, right now, I’m on a plane to London and catching up with you Simon and your readers. My April this year is a mostly off-stage month, as my May, June and July are mostly on-stage months. So, that means a lot of office days, where most of my actions are focused on my clients and events. Events prep ranges a lot, from tailoring my upcoming keynotes to connecting with my audiences pre-events, and a ton of other things in between: LOVING it: it is about the exciting anticipation!

ITN – How was the last year, what worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

FM 2017 was an interesting year, in the sense that I did not move as quickly as I’d have liked with some of my projects, while actually moving super fast with projects I had not even anticipated. I always say and teach that working on our mind, towards having that Mountain Moving Mindset frame of mind, is critical as it acts as a shield when ‘life happens’, if you know what I mean, and this was it. A lot of challenges, thus a lot of growth, and an amazing new set of layers of learning and insight I can and have been sharing with my audiences throughout the year and onwards. And, ‘nature happened’ too, as over the last 12 months, I experienced a hurricane, a snowstorm and an 8.2 earthquake. See what I mean, an interesting year, and VERY grateful to be here and able to talk with you today.

ITN – What are your plans for the future?

FM SO SO SO many!!! I’ll be celebrating 10 years in business in a couple of months and I’m proud and excited to share the celebrations with my community. I’ve also started working on 2 exciting projects to take the M3 approach to a new level, by providing my audiences with the “Lead Beyond The Edge, The Mountain Moving Mindset Path to Greater Productivity, Resilience and Motivation” book as well as “The Mountain Moving Mindset planner” packed with daily M3 strategies to help its users move mountains! Plus, of course, continue making a difference and impact by delivering my M3 keynotes to organisations and associations around the world.

ITN – Talk to us about being involved with these 2 large global tech events…

FM I’m so delighted to be involved with these 2 events. Do you remember, you and I actually met face-to-face for the first time at DES Digital Business World Congress last year! And I want to publically thank you, as I know that the CHAINGES team may not have found me without your superb recommendation, so thank you SO MUCH Simon. Cannot wait to be working together and as we are co-MCing 2 separate stages, you the Business one and me the Technology one, extra excited to know that you’ll be my MC when I deliver my keynote!

I’ve actually been involved with the DES event since its inception 3 years ago and I’m excited to seeing the team again and step on their Mastermind Congress stage and welcome their 18,000+ attendees, as excited as I’m to meet the CHAINGES team face-to-face and step on the Technology stage, at their inaugural event, where 3,500 blockchain enthusiasts will meet, connect, be inspired, and so much more!!!

It is an honour and a pleasure to be involved as it shows that the tech world is embracing more and more the (dare I say) ‘softer’ yet absolutely key change component, realising that the #1 challenge organisations face in this digital transformation era is user resistance, and this is exactly what I do!!! Plus, on another note, you know, every year I receive messages from other women saying to me how pleased they are to see a woman on stage in this usually tech world/man world environment, so it is an extra honour for sure.

ITN – What will you be talking about at these events? 

FM As one of the speakers at CHAINGES, I will be delivering a keynote, entitled: Thrive On Transformation: The ‘Mountain Moving Mindset’ Path to Embracing Blockchain”, and it will be about providing my audience with direct takeaways they can take back into their offices to drive change, specifically a 3-step process to bridge the gap between the fear and the opportunity to change, so that they can help themselves, and others, embrace the Blockchain technology.

And, as Master of Ceremonies, for both CHAINGES and DES, my focus will be on enthusing energy, drive and inspiration to the audience for them to be ready to listen to the expert speakers I will be introducing, as well as help them make the most of their time at these events.

ITN – How can people find out more about what you are working on?

FM I LOVE connecting, so in addition of visiting my website, please do reach out and connect with me on any or all of these social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram – I’m going to do something a little different this year and I will be posting a lot more content and stories during live events, so make sure you connect with me to not miss out on the behind-the-scenes, and more!

ITN – Anything else you’d like to add?

FM As we reach the end of this interview, I wanted to say thank you Simon and add that this is not a good bye, as I’m thrilled to say that you’ve invited me to join the ITN team as a regular columnist, and having said yes, I look forward to sharing with you and your readers an M3 column, focused on the mind aspect of driving change and transformation, specifically with technology in this digital transformation era. Watch this space!!!

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