UPC have announced today that they are to more than double the minimum broadband speeds available on their network from 50Mbps to 120Mbps.

Both existing and new customers will be able to avail of the improved speeds. Customers who are currently on the higher 150Mbps plans will also see an upgrade to 200Mbps.

For some time we have discussed how UPC would react to 4G coming online so it seems no mistake that they announce this on the day that Ireland’s biggest mobile network, Vodafone, launch their 4G broadband service.

UPC’s website has already been updated to offer the new packages to customers. The 200Mbps service with Home Phone will set you back €59 per month while the 120Mbps service comes in at €44. Existing customers will probably start receiving the upgrade through a phased roll out and will probably need to restart their modem to complete the process.



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