Things are certainly hotting up in the TelCo and TV sectors in Ireland. Hot on the heels of Eircom announcing that they’re entering the TV market with some great value bundles, UPC have come out fighting and launched a new “Basics Collection” range of packages squarely aimed at undercutting the competition.  UPC are facing their first real competition in the broadband market with Eircom rolling out their eFibre network and 4G services slowly coming online. Not only that but they now face competition in the TV market from both Sky and Eircom. Earlier in the week UPC announced that they were doubling the minimum speed offered to their broadband customers to 120Mbps. That announcement was timed to coincide with Vodafone’s 4G broadband launch day and true to form, UPC have announced these new value packages in the wake of Eircom’s TV entry.

You can see how UPC’s Basic Collection compares against Eircom and Sky’s offerings in the graphic below:

UPC Basic 1

UPC are also offering a “Basic Collection” Broadband & Phone bundle and for the first time a TV & Phone bundle, details below:

UPC Basic 2

While they are good value plans, the Elephant in the room here for UPC is that they currently can’t offer the 4th service of mobile phones to compete head on with Eircom. It’s only a matter of time before they do enter the mobile space themselves but until that point, Eircom’s “quad-play” bundle for €60 per month will trump all others.

Isn’t is great when competition in the market actually works in favour of the consumer for once?!

Update: As you can see in the comments below, one of our readers has pointed out that the Basics Collection for Broadband & Phone has jumped in cost by €7 per month!!! (thanks Liam)


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