Ulster Bank has been busy updating it’s Smartphone Apps of late, expanding existing features and adding new ones. One of the more interesting features added in the latest update is the ability to withdraw money from an ATM using a code generated by the App, without the use of an ATM card. This could be especially useful if your ATM card was lost or stolen.

Here’s how it works:

You can withdraw cash even without your card. With Get Cash you can simply choose the amount you want to withdraw and we will give you a secure code, valid for 3 hours, to use at any Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland cash machine You can use this cash code yourself or text it to someone else. You can use Get Cash up to twice a day, but you can only have one cash code at any given time.

Important things to remember:

  • Get Cash limits will apply for this service, including a maximum withdrawal limit of €250
  • The amount your request to withdraw must be within the daily withdrawal limit for your debit card
  • There is a maximum limit of 2 Get Cash withdrawals per day
  • You must have at least €25 available funds to withdraw from your account (including any overdraft facility)

Get Cash is available on Iphone, Android & BlackBerry devices

Check out Ulster Bank’s website for more details here.

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