PushBullet has been around for a little while now offering a web based solution for transferring files, lists and links from your computer to an Android phone. As the service has become more popular the developers have now added the capability of pushing in the opposite direction, from Android, to a browser (as long as that browser is Chrome!).

Utilising a Chrome extension, pushed items show up as a notification within the browser, much the same as they do on Android. Once the notifications are clicked the pushed items are opened in a new tab. For example, as someone who takes a lot of screen shots it means I can now just share the image to PushBullet on my phone and in a few short seconds the image is on a tab in my browser. Another use I’ve found to be great is for pushing website links between devices. PushBullet lets me use whatever browser I want on Android as links can just be shared to PushBullet to send them to a computer and in the other direction they show as a notification on the phone and will open with your default browser.

All of your previous pushes are available to view via a link in the extension or if you go to pushbullet.com and login. It’s a simple idea but if you regularly find yourself hooking your phone up via a cable to transfer files, emailing yourself as a reminder to do things or uploading files to cloud storage only to have to download them then to your PC to use them, this App could save you a lot of time and make things a little bit more organised.

It’s available in the Play Store now and best of all it’s free.


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