Some of us early Instagram users may remember back in the day when Instagram and Twitter played nice. Your Instagram photo was shown in your Twitter feed and then just like that relations broke down and now all you get when you share your Instagram photo on Twitter is a link.

It is not very appealing and personally when I see them I don’t really bother on clicking the link so much. Well it appears now that the social media website does not want you sharing Instagram links to Twitter any more and they are starting at the top.

On Thursday, Twitter sent out notifications to a batch of high-profile users encouraging them not to tweet links to Instagram photos and instead to upload and share those photos directly through Twitter itself. A copy of the prompt that was sent out was obtained by Mashable.

The prompt was sent out to a group of notable users in media, entertainment, sports and other categories, according to a source close to Twitter. It has been two years since Instagram disabled support for displaying their images in tweets and at the same time Twitter introduced their own filters. However Instagram remains the popular photo sharing service.

Like Facebook, Twitter continues to push for more native multimedia content on site, with reported plans to launch a native video tool this year. With that in mind, it may be as good a time as any to make sure its most influential users set the right example by sharing photos natively.

Personally I have only just started to share my Instagram shots directly through Twitter and it is not that cumbersome to do. When you upload the photo on Instagram don’t click on the option to share to Twitter. Instead, copy the text you have typed into the text field, upload to Instagram and then open the Twitter app.

The Instagram photo is saved to your camera roll, upload the filtered Instagram shot direct to Twitter and paste the text into the tweet. Job done, it takes seconds to do the added few steps and the benefit is that the exact photo you shared on Instagram will appear in the Twitter feed and not just a link.

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