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Twitter unveiled several updates yesterday to improve the reporting system and also the photo sharing feature of their app.

Reporting Harassment:

Twitter wants to make its social network safer by making it easier for users to report harassment and abuse. Now you can report abusive content and flag accounts for review on your mobile device. The changes also extend to those who are witnesses to abuse on Twitter and are not directly being harassed themselves.

Twitter says that there have also been some ‘behind the scenes’ improvements to how quickly they can respond to reports of abuse and while they did not go into further detail, the bottom line is that your reports should be seen faster than before.

Changes To “Block”:

If you are someone who uses this feature regularly or you want to have a reminder of who you have blocked in the past, you can now see an entire lists of accounts you have given the block treatment to.

There is a new blocked accounts page accessible from the settings menu which will show you a list of people who no longer have the pleasure of reading your tweets. More control over this feature is on the way over the upcoming months.

Now, not only will blocked accounts not be able to follow you and view your tweets, they will not be able to even view your profile.

These two updates are going to be rolled out to all users over the upcoming weeks. So if you don’t see them straight away then don’t panic.

Improved Photo Filters:

Finally, Twitter is updating their photo filters on both iPhone and Android to improve how they are used and viewed on Twitter.

Filters were introduced two years ago however they have always been somewhat cumbersome and counter intuitive to use when compared to other services such as Instagram. Now the filter system is more user friendly, you can swipe through the filters and tap on various ones to enhance your photo. You can also double tap to adjust the intensity of the filters.

The improvement is nothing huge however it is a big improvement over what was in place before which was a grid system. There is no update from the App Store for this as such, some users have reported getting an App Update where the change log details bug fixes however for me, the photo filter feature just arrived in app.

So have a look and see if it is there before you panic about not seeing official app updates in the store. Unfortunately no love for Windows Phone users on this front, the updates are Android and iOS only at this time.

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