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Facebook users, prepare yourselves – more autoplay videos are on the way. The company has announced that ‘eligible’ video advertisements for apps can now play automatically on Facebook’s mobile app. So now we have autoplaying adverts.

Autoplaying videos has been a ‘thing’ from Facebook for some time now however there is a difference between autoplaying a video from a friend or autoplaying a whole load of adverts on your feed. Previously they could be easily ignored however now there is a bigger chance of one catching your eye  and irritating you even more. Not to mention the fact that it uses up your valuable data if you are out and about on a mobile network.

Facebook does not mention what it actually means when it says that a video can be ‘eligible’ for autoplay. It could be prioritising videos most relevant to users on specific platforms or with particular apps installed. The company also announced improved targeting for Amazon Fire devices in a blog post.

Autoplaying videos rolled out in March, Instagram started showing them a few months ago. Keep an eye on your feed, if you have not disabled autoplaying videos in the Facebook settings on your phone then maybe now is the time.

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