Twitter is starting to make a bigger push for TV fans, networks and advertisers. TV Timelines is something that Twitter has been experimenting with for months now, it aggregates TV-related content through a separate interface within the Twitter app with a dedicated page for each TV show.

Many users enjoy following along with TV shows via Twitter and interacting with other views on their timelines so it makes sense for Twitter to look at expanding its services into this area. The TV Timeline pages will offer access to three columns, highlighted tweets from the network, official show accounts and actors, tweets featuring video excerpts and other media as well as all user related tweets about the show.

The feature was first spotted by Mashable back in March however it was only available to a small subset of testers and only for a small number of TV shows being shown in the United States. Twitter has now decided to make the feature more widely available and there is now a new discovery tool to encourage users to take part in the new feature.

Some tweets about TV shows now feature a direct link to the TV Timelines page for that show as shown in the example below.

At the moment the feature appears to be for mobile apps only, as well as that, it is unclear if this feature is also being rolled out to users who are outside of the United States at present or indeed who the feature is being rolled out to. Twitter have not yet commented on the new TV Timeline feature.

Twitter has brought a huge amount of new features and updates to the platform so far this year and that looks like it could be set to continue through the winter with Project Lightning set to launch as well. Project Lightning will be a new experience consisting of curated tweets and media around major news events.

With so many features being added to the service in 2015, there is no doubt that there will be pressure on in 2016 for these new features to produce results and to get more users on Twitter.

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