Email newsletters used to inform your clients and prospective clients about your latest products, services, and also provide hints and tips. Nowadays email newsletters are no longer used because blogs on your websites can do the same job. Another reason why email newsletters are no longer used is spam filters, which have have gotten more sophisticated and can block email newsletters. As an avid blogger it’s great to see blogging becoming more popular and accepted as a modern business tool. Last Thursday at the Growth Hack Talks, John Collins the managing editor with Intercom gave a presentation about what helped Intercom create and curate one of the must read company blogs. Some of his hints and tips can be seen below.

  • Make sure your blog posts can be turned into content that can be downloaded  as content that can be read offline can be read anywhere.
  • People who view your blog are more likely to become paying customers  as your blog is another way of promoting what you do.
  • Your blog is also your newsletter and it should not be seen as a chore.  It will be quickly noticed if you don’t take care of your Company’s blog,
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  • Companies make the big mistake of  blogging when their startup is small and stop when they get big.  You are never too big to stop blogging.
  • Talk about everything your startup does as somebody will read it.
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  • Researching, tweeting and viewing analytics is not writing, it does not give your clients and prospective clients more information about you or hints and tips that they will find useful.
  • Content marketing is a slow return and you will not see the results for a year so don’t expect instant results. Think of it as planting seeds that will grow in a year.
  • Give everyone on your team the chance to write a post as they will part information about what they know and that is invaluable. Everyone on your team has the ability to write one or more blog posts.
  • Don’t put dates on articles as they can still be relevant in a years time.
  • Never think you have to do the next war and peace or the definitive blog post just keep doing what you are doing.
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  • Editorial is key to scale, what you write about determines how big your blog can be.
  • Post your blog posts at 5PM as that is when you will get more people at their desks. If you post later in the evening or earlier in the day you will not hit peak readership figures.
  • Guest blogging is good when you are growing your business but once you reach a certain size you can be more choosey about these as quality now becomes very important to your blog.
  • Freelance journalists can be used to write or curate your blog for you and if you are too busy to maintain your blog this will guarantee that that the quality and quantity of your blog posts is maintained. John used to work for the Irish Times, and the knowledge and experience he gained working there has helped to mould the Intercom blog into what it is today.

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