Jack Dorsey is only on his second day in the job as permanent Twitter CEO and already he is moving fast. Yesterday Twitter made emoji XXL size in direct messages and today they are launching a much anticipated feature to users in the United States, Moments.

The feature was codenamed Project Lightning at the start and the intention is to make Twitter easier for new users to jump straight in and understand. Madhu Muthukumar is a project manager at Twitter and said that:

“When you jump into Twitter, things are already mid-stream. Because you’re not on Twitter most of the day. So when you get there, the odds that something started the second you got there is low.”

The idea of the new feature is that it will give a sense of context and history behind what is happening now so that people can get up to speed or just so that people can be aware of what is going on at this moment around the world.

Moments takes advantage of the full screen of the device with big images and video content. Unlike Snapchat Discover where you follow a brand, Moments will follow the story as it unfolds. Moments are a respite for users who spend time furiously refreshing their timeline and more importantly it is a way to use Twitter for people who just don’t get Twitter.


At the moment a team of 300 at Twitter are creating Moments, however the intention is that soon anyone will be able to create them. Moments are designed to turn conversations and events into something with is readable, easy to follow and helps people wade into the bristling chaos of events as they unfold on Twitter and still feel a part of the conversation.

It is no accident that the service is rolling out a day after Jack Dorsey has taken over the CEO position, nor is it a mistake that the new Moments button is going to sit right smack in the middle of the navigation bar on your Twitter app when it rolls out to you.

As we said this morning, Twitter needs to grow, it needs to make more money and it needs to be the place that people head to when there is something to talk about online. It needs to be easier for new users and for people who have said that they “just don’t get Twitter.”

Moments is the answer to these problems. Twitter is describing the service as “the best of Twitter in an instant.”

You can read the official blog post regarding moments here.

Its disappointing that Moments has not launched globally yet. Considering the global nature of the company and how investors are pushing for growth, one would have thought that Moments would have been rolled out on a global basis straight away.

Twitter is certainly pushing Moments as the answer to growth and it looks set to become the centre piece of the social network into the future. Until we can get our hands on it in Ireland it will be hard to tell just how good it really is.

Hopefully we won’t be waiting for too long.

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