450 entrepreneurs are gathered yesterday at the Marker Hotel for Silicon Stroll, the annual event created by Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) to foster collaboration between the global technology companies based in Ireland and our indigenous entrepreneurial community.

Dublin BIC has pulled together an impressive who’s who of industry leaders from the internet, enterprise software and internet of things sectors to provide insights on ‘Current Trends & Future Insights’.  Facebook, Google, Cisco, IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin Commissioner for Startups are included in the line-up of speakers.  The insights are aimed at helping early stage companies understand the landscape of what technologies and business models are emerging and where these market leaders see opportunities for start-ups and innovators in the medium and longer term.

The audience included representatives of the start-up community, from very early stage to fast growing companies such as NewsWhip, which announced in May that it raised €1.5 million in funding.

NewsWhip is joined by three other innovative Dublin BIC supported companies, Blueface, Davra and Heystaks Technologies, as they showcase during the networking reception that will take place following the ‘Current Trends & Future Insights’ presentations.

According to Dublin BIC’s John Phelan there are significant benefits to be realised by both multinationals and start-ups from increased engagement.  Leveraging its strong position within the ecosystem, Dublin BIC is very well placed to act as an interface and create a platform for engagement between these two communities.

“The Irish subsidiaries of multinationals can gain a huge amount by keeping in touch with the start-up scene.  It encourages “intra-preneurs” to innovate internally and – as much as anything it keeps creativity, innovation and that all important entrepreneurial spirit alive in big organisations”.  

“For the start-ups, market knowledge and a global perspective are vital ingredients in getting on the right track and the nuggets and nuances that can be picked up from events like Silicon Stroll can be invaluable.  In my view, it is the networking element of these events that offer the real opportunities for entrepreneurs –the chance to share and discuss ideas, build relationships and even possibly lay the groundwork for collaboration and new products”, concluded John Phelan.

Selected quotes from the presentations of technology multinationals at Silicon Stroll:


IBM researchers are exploring the idea that everything will learn– driven by a new era of cognitive systems where machines will learn, reason and engage with us in a more natural and personalised way. These innovations are beginning to emerge enabled by cloud computing, big data analytics and learning technologies all coming together.


With about 10 billion devices currently connected to the internetand we estimate that 99% of physical objects that may one day join this network are still unconnected, be under no illusion, the Internet of Things is the next big thing.


The mobile revolution is not about technology; it’s about people. Connectivity gives us the freedom to pursue the desires that come naturally to us as human beings – to express ourselves, create and share – when we want and where we want.

FB OliviaPhoto Infomatique


Consumer behaviour and expectations have forever changed. With powerful phones in our pockets, we do more than just check the time, text a spouse, or catch up with friends. We turn to our phones with intent and expect brands to deliver immediate answers. It’s in these I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy moments that will shape our future decisions and preferences as disruptive mobile continues its momentum.


Cisco estimates that 99.4 percent of physical objects in the world are still unconnected. With only about 10 billion of the 1.5 trillion things currently connected globally, there is vast potential to connect the unconnected via the Internet of Everything.


Accenture believes that every business is a digital business. In this “We Economy” pioneers will drive positive change on a global scale by stretching their traditional boundaries – realizing ambitions that transcend single business or industry.

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