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Twitter is getting close to unveiling its autoplay video in users timelines which will give marketers the format that they say is a must for branded content. Sources familiar with Twitter’s plans say that Twitter has been heavily promoting autoplay video content in its latest sales pitches and that it will launch by the end of June.

Facebook rolled out autoplay some time ago now and it has proved to be a very successful introduction. Dynamic video is an instant attention grabber which generates more interest and overall engagement with users.

With Facebook enjoying such great success with autoplay, it is no longer a case of whether other platforms decide to adopt it, but more a case of when will they adopt it. Because of Facebook, autoplay is now inevitable for Twitter an possibly for online publications.

Twitter has been testing two versions of autoplay according to reports. One is a six second preview on a loop before the full video, another will autoplay the entire video. It is unclear which option Twitter will choose to implement, however either way, one of them will be appearing at some point in the near future.

The main benefit of autoplay is that it catches attention due to the fact that the content is dynamic and moving as soon as you see it on your timeline or news feed. This is opposed to a static thumbnail with a play button overlay which, lets face it, not many of us would ever really be inclined to press play on.

Twitter wants to compete with Facebook when it comes to advertising, just last week a deal was signed between Twitter and Google which will allow Twitter the ability to track performance of promoted tweets using the Google ad server.

Facebook at the moment has an option hidden in its settings which allows you to disable autoplay videos, it is unclear if Twitter will take a similar approach or decide to just push it onto users as it is. For some marketers autoplay has still not swung far enough to what they hope for. Some marketers insist that they need sound to make it truly beneficial as opposed to having ‘silent ads.’

At the moment I don’t see sound coming to autoplay, it would be overall at the detriment to the user experience. While social media platforms may be looking towards autoplay, it should be staying silent for some time. What is best for the marketers is not always what is best for the platform and its users.

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