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Twitter has launched a new feature for power users and brands called TweetDeck teams. When it comes to desktop apps, you have the standard Twitter app for your everyday standard users. Then you have TweetDeck which is for the small brands or power users and is available both in app form and also on the desktop.

In a blog post, Twitter has revealed that TweetDeck will now have the support for teams, this allows the main account holder to create two different types of users on the account: administrators and contributors. Admins can sign into TweetDeck with their personal accounts and send or schedule tweets. They can also add or remove other team members.

Even though they may be an admin, they cannot access the account from outside TweetDeck or change the credentials or passwords. This is a right which is of course reserved for the main holder who set up the account in the first place.

Contributors can tweet from the account, build lists, follow or unfollow accounts and schedule tweets. They cannot view, add or remove team members, access the account from outside TweetDeck, or change the credentials on the account.

Of course the main holder of the account can still access the account from wherever they like, they still have all the same permissions as before. What TweetDeck teams allows you to do is to add users to help run and content curate on the Twitter account (which can be very important for blogs, businesses or brands) but still limit the amount of access those users have when it comes to the main account details which are probably better left off in the hands of one person anyway.

This is not a ground breaking feature as such, Hootsuite and SocialFlow use the similar kind of teams setup on their services. However the key for TweetDeck is that their service is free, so you can have the functionality of teams and not have to pay for it which is what is required if you are using Hootsuite.

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