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Like it or not, Facebook Ads just got a hell of a lot smarter than they ever were before. The company announced a new service called Product Ads on Tuesday and it is basically a set of tools which lets businesses target their audience on Facebook more effectively than ever before.

Businesses who upload their product catalogs to Facebook can now manually create ad campaigns. However, Facebook is now going to do all that taxing work of actually creating the ad, they will automatically create the campaign and target various kinds of users that they think the ad will perform well on based on user interests, location and whether people have visited your website before.

Of course not everyone may want to give Facebook complete control over their ads and how they are being used, but one thing we know for sure is that Facebook knows their users better than anyone so I would imagine that targeting would now have a better chance of success than ever before.

Businesses can now also create ads that promote several products at once, a Facebook first. Ads used to be static but now you can have a digital carousel of content in the one ad which means you are getting more for your money and with the opportunity of displaying up to five products in one ad, you have a greater chance at pulling people in to buy.

If you have a deep inventory of products to advertise then this could be what you have been looking for, furniture chains, stores and clothing franchises are bound to have a big interest in ads that could now lead to even bigger returns. It is also a big win for Facebook who gets the majority of its now growing revenue from advertising on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The loser? Shoppers wallets.

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