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There are hundreds of Twitter related plugins for WordPress, no seriously – there are literally hundreds. In fact, there are thousands.

However, since Twitter launched nine years ago, they have never actually made an official Twitter plugin to make Twitter and WordPress play friendly, until now. The plugin may not be of any use if you happen to have Twitter and WordPress set up the way you like on your blog, however for new users or people who want to ditch several third party plugins and use just one (like me) then this is well worth looking at.

Here is what the official plugin will do”

  • Lets you add one click sharing so people can instantly tweet out your stuff
  • Lets you easily embed tweets and customise the colour scheme of embedded tweets to match the look of your website. You can change the link colour, boarder colour and pick from a light or dark look
  • Automatically build Twitter cards when you share stuff to Twitter
  • Add a follow button to your layout
  • Track ad conversions if you are running a Twitter Ad campaign for your blog

You current plugin setup may do more than what the official plugin can do, one significant feature that is lacking is the ability to embed your Twitter feed in the WordPress layout which is a pretty popular plugin for WordPress.

The one click sharing is sketchy on the 60 Second Social layout, it may be different for other themes however when we try to implement it on here it tends to stick a follow button all over the place instead of just placing them in the articles and that is more than likely because the pages are designed using Fusion theme builder.

Twitter Cards are fantastic and a plugin that creates them without any need to set anything up could be a big plus. It is a solid start for the official plugin and one which will no doubt be added to and expanded over time.

You can find the official plugin here.

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