By @TheMarkDalton.

Twitter makes money by showing ads to users. For that reason alone it is kind of odd that they have not enforced third party apps to also implement ads into their apps. Want an ad free Twitter experience? Simply use an app like Tweetbot! However the trade off when using a third party app of course is that you won’t get all the features the native Twitter app has.

Even more strange is that some users are getting a near complete ad free experience when using the official Twitter app and website. In an attempt to keep some of its VIP users hanging around, Twitter has reportedly been giving them a nearly complete ad free experience as an incentive.

It seems to be somewhat counterintuitive for a company try to grow and expand the user base while make more money to keep investors happy. Twitter started playing around with the idea in September when Jack Dorsey was interim CEO and they have kept at it since he took over as permanent CEO.

While Twitter can afford to turn off ads for some users financially speaking (lets face facts, it is not exactly breaking the bank by doing this) it may be worth while for them to consider offering an ad free subscription service instead.

If Twitter really feels that ad free is going to keep users knocking around and encourage them to use the service – why not offer a chance for users to avail of ad free through a subscription? Sure it won’t be something that everyone is into, however if the offer is there then people may decide to take them up on it.

Alternatively you can use a third party app at the moment if you want to get an ad free experience on Twitter however as pointed out you will miss out on some features by doing this. Also, with how the company is moving in trying to attract new users onto the platform, I have a feeling that those third party apps may not stay ad free for too long.

At some point Twitter is going to need to implement a system where ads are shown across the board, regardless of whether you decide to use the native Twitter app or a third party service.


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