Twitter has finally updated it’s App today on both Android and iOS bringing some bug fixes and improvements. Usually minor App updates don’t make front page news but the reason this one does is to highlight just how long it has taken Twitter to update it’s App for the higher screen resolutions available on Ice Cream Sandwich. Devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and the upcoming Sony Xperia S have 720p screens and while Tweets looked fine, the menu bar and the Bird logo that appears in the Notification bar were tiny. ICS was announced back at Google I/O in May 2011, with the Galaxy Nexus being announced last October so it’s not as if they haven’t had time to prepare! Unfortunately it is a common theme among many Apps for ICS with the Gingerbread version just being used. While I can see how smaller developers will be under pressure or under resourced  to rebuild Apps for ICS, especially when it is on only a small percentage of devices, for large companies such as Twitter there is no excuse. There still isn’t an Android Tablet version of the App after all this time.

On a brighter note the swipe action on a tweet to show a quick menu has made a welcome return from a previous versions allowing you to quickly reply, retweet, mark as favourite, share of view the users profile.



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