Guest post by Alex Ayaho from Fundaria

A lot of things will change in the near future.

More people will be free to implement their creative ideas, because routine processes will be automated. At the same time, it will be a norm for civilized states to implement unconditional profit. It will be usual to pay in crypto currency in a couple of years. A lot of people will have an opportunity to implement their ideas thanks to Fudaria. The existing method of project implementation and business development will be improved much.  Artificial intelligence will have the leading role in situation analyses and business decision making. Rights of team players in the development of a company will be more equal, than now. Artificial intelligence will get the right to vote and his suggestions will be better and in time. It will increase the democracy level during business decision making of a company.  It is necessary, because people will not find a place for them in this system, as people will not be able to rival with artificial intelligence soon. Small and middle business will prosper, because the level of their services will increase. Almost all performing works in civilized communities will be done by androids in 15 years. The main function of a company participant will be to suggest, to discuss, to estimate the ideas of business development together with artificial intelligence. It will be enough to suggest something in thoughts, during poses during friendly conversation in a restaurant in some time. Useful ideas will be automatically got and sent to the stock of suggestions for voting. In my opinion it will take pace in nearly 25 years.

What can Fundaria suggest now and in the near-by future?

I wish those who have a lot of business ideas and can’t implement all of them in our conditions had an opportunity to display their idea and, for example, only monitor how it will develop in the future. If everything is ok, the authors will definitely get their couple of percents for the idea creating only.  If an idea gets a high estimation, an initiative group will soon appear, which will deliver information about it to the respective investors. They work for stakes. Fundaria community will consist of participants, watching for new ideas to appear and will be happy to take part in their development. Investors will be able to make conditions. What is necessary to be done to get investments, as for example. In such a way, even the idea with low rating will get an opportunity to improve its characteristics and to prove that its team has the power to transform the intentions into actions.  You can create and plan business for some period in advance by using Fundaria.   Some participants of the community will be able to estimate such planning. The way in which they will estimate ideas, will be compared with the real situation in the future businesses. It will help to evaluate the accuracy of their estimation, which will help to realize the estimation. A tool for collective writing of idea white paper will be created. It will give an opportunity to estimate authorship and shares of intellectual contribution of idea author correctly.

Fundaria uses an Ethereum smart contract for it’s business idea. 

Fundaria special type of the contract has a link to the amount of money, planned to be used during some business period. It is poolCapUSD variable. Such peculiarity is necessary, because we should make business activity planning in Fundaria.  Other variables depend on this variable, general amount of issued stakes, as for example.  Price of a stake at the moment of buying is set dynamically.  It can start from 1 cent and ends in 10$ dollars at the start and the end of the pre-sale respectively as for example. All is done in the following way: the sooner stakes bought, the better price it. Funarea is using post-sale in order to continue the sale of stakes even during business activity, if saleCap will not bought during usual sale. The possibility for investors to return a part of their investments during all business activity is probably the main advantage of the contract. It is implemented in the following way: the contract owner can’t transfer to pool all used amount of money at once, but only calculatingly per 1 month of business activity. If poolCap is for 1 year – 1 mln, you will be able to take only 1mln/12=$83333 at maxim during the first month of activity, as for example. At the same time, an investor can return 11/12 of his investments during the first month. If you invest $1000, you will be able to return $917 during the first month, if do not like the organization of activity in the company as for example. You can return 10/12 during the second month and etc. Also there is a referential program with benefits for attracting of investments in the code. For example, a contract owner can decide that 10% of attracted investments will be given to the person that find an investor. These expenses are set in a plan as the special fund. There are also shares of stakes issuing for the team and bounty program in the contract. Bounty stakes are distributed with the help of the special option. All variable of the contract are defined by a contract owner before its creation.

Fundaria plans to pay dividends on stakes. 

In my opinion, crypto currency world has already fallen outside the limits of regulatory policy of traditional centralized structures. Crypto currencies can be called “people’s money “, their implementation and existence is a demonstration of network decentralized structures.  These universes exist a parallel way and states break their jurisdiction by interfering in things that, in fact do not belong to them.  That’s why a lot of people think that time of states is over and they will not be necessary soon, because network structures of civil self-government with direct democracy will start developing. Fundaria creates conditions to minimize the risks of unsuccessful investment. We consciously want to develop culture of paying dividends on stakes. We will choose the most suitable jurisdiction for our official activity.

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