By @SimonCocking great interview with Francesco Redaelli Co-Founder VP Business Development  | Blockchain Investor | Expert and ICOs Advisor     

What is your background briefly?

Since I started my professional background, I always had an entrepreneurial approach during the various experiences that I have done and which I’m still involving me right now. Over the years I’ve developed my skills thanks a digital, unconventional and innovative vision, dealing with business development, marketing and sales, public relations and startups and project management.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

The professional experiences of my background that I have developed during the years, are directly connected about what I do now because the blockchain industry is a natural and spontaneous evolution of all of them and thanks to its technology, offers an incredible opportunity to all of us. I look at the blokchain, ICOs and tokenization processes as tools to be able to have a very innovative boost and a competitive advantage in all markets and industries indiscriminately and simultaneously and at the same time I love the fact that I can continue to have the same approach and the same entrepreneurial attitude within various businesses – sometimes very different from each others – but with a common purpose: offer goods and services that can be useful for final consumers and this is also what I’ve always done and searched in my past experiences.

One min pitch for what you are doing now?

Firstly I’m co-founder and VP of Business Development of “Koinsquare” the first Italian community about blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry. We’ve made a group with more than +2500 members – in costant growth – such as private investors, traders and also some business angels.

Secondly I’ve joined as Advisor few ICO projects such as Friendz, Akaiito, Volans and new ones will be announced soon. At the end recently I’ve also joined a business venture agency called Two Hundred Crowd (formerly Tip Ventures and member of Digital Magics one of the most famous innovative business hub incubator in Italy and Europe) as Community Manager and we offer business development services as builder of crowdfunding private equities campaigns for innovative startups and new business models who look for raising funds from business angels and other venture capitals.

How do you help ICOs?

I help ICOs and startup companies firstly beside their teams and cooperating directly with some of top global advisors and investors, helping them to go on top of the industry and following them step by step, managing and developing strong business relations also with investors reaching their goals. Secondly I offer also an “investor pool service” thanks to Koinsquare community, so helping ICOs not only during the pre-sale processes, but also during pre-ICO and ICO steps, involving our traders and private investors that share and have got a common vision in all ICO projects that I support and help personally.

How do you assess if it is a powerful idea?

This is one of the most important steps and in my opinion is also one the most biggest mistakes that daily many ICOs don’t understand. I assess if an ICO is powerful idea simply when it offers a good or service that has got an utility vision for consumers. We often hear about “utility token” and many times founders of ICO don’t understand the real meaning of these words. The “utility token” is the intrinsic capacity to be able to satisfy needs of a consumer and final customers of any type within various markets. At the same time I evaluate a valid project with great potential, when it has already developed its self even before proposing an ICO and also when the team considers the ICO as a process such as tool that enriches and gives more stability to a company that already has the basics solid. Too many times instead we see teams that propose themselves with an ICO as if it should be the first step to raise funds and only then develop their own company: in all of these cases where there is not yet the presence of the good or service to be offered , but where there is only a theoretical idea, I consider the project as little potential and even risky because there is a wrong and opposite approach to the ICOs process.

What do you think 2018 will be like for ICOs and crypto in general?

The 2018 is a very important year for this industry. During last two years, we have been lived an historical period in which the blockchain is overwhelming the markets and is revolutionizing them. The growth of Bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention from the media, centralized players, governments and even the crowd. During 2018 we will see regulations and greater stability with less volatility on main coins. This could decrease speculation on the markets, but at the same time I believe and I am confident that it will bring greater stability to the advantage of the new ICOs that will appear on the market. Secondly, the regulation that is coming will also bring greater security and confidence from investors by drastically reducing the risks of a potential bubble and by increasing the possibilities and potential that can be exploited not only by a narrow niche, but also by other players such as hedge funds , investment banks, new business angels and venture capitals that until now have not approached this industry out of fear and lack of security and stability.

How can people find out more about you & your work?

You can find me surfing the web in few articles and posts quoted from David Drake and other bloggers/influencers, secondly over all main social medias such as Linkedin, Twitter and also on ICObench on my official Expert profile. At the end you can also find me at Koinsquare Community on our official Discord and Telegram channels or reaching me by email at [email protected] and at [email protected]

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

The simplest and most genuine advice I would like to offer is the following: do not consider the ICOs and the tokenization of a business model as the first step to take. Develop your companies first of all, concentrate on finding stability and creating a true product, good and service that can satisfy the real needs of a market, create it and improve it as much as you can, even with an extreme innovative idea. And then only at the end you should approach the ICO and the tokenization of a business model. Proposing an ICO is the last step to do, not the first, otherwise your approach will be a bettor and I ask you a simple question: would you invest your money in a simple theoretical idea that does not yet exist, not tangible, concrete, demonstrable and that you do not have the certainty that it can exist and satisfy the needs of a consumer?

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