By @SimonCocking review ofTrust Rules. How the world’s best managers create great places to work. By Bob Lee, available from Amazon here.

Based on insights from the data that drives Fortune Magazine’s 100 BestCompanies to Work for, and similar lists in 45 countries on six continents,Trust Rules is the international best-seller on how to build a workplace culture that achieves remarkablebusiness results

Trust Rules is a business book that outlines 16 simple rules to help managers to build better teams and a remarkable work environment, leading to market-beating business results.
As a senior leader with the Great Place to Work Institute, Bob became intrigued by a simple question: how do some managers lead their teams to achieve extraordinary results while many struggle to inspire their people to even average performance and results? 
Through detailed analysis of Great Place toWork’s global database of over two million employees in 80 countries around the world, Bob made an astonishing discovery. Although only small margins separate the world’s best managers from most of their colleagues, the impact is immense.The deceptively simple truth? The world’s best managers do much the same as every other manager – they just do it more thoughtfully, more sincerely, and more consistently than everyone else. And it all comes down to trust.

It’s always impressive how many great companies are ruined by terrible managers. As the old adage says, people don’t leave companies they leave bad managers. If this book can provide any help to reduce needless churn and staff turn over, based on manager’s poor people skills then it will be a major success. There are a lot of common sense suggestions within the book, and good ideas. It will be great if managers can then take these insights onboard, though that might be another challenge in itself. With sites like Glassdoor and others, it does provide more scope for potential employees to assess if a particular company is the right place for them to work. Which does offer some hope that between employee feedback, and managers becoming better managers, then perhaps toxic work environments can be avoided or mitigated?

With the new year beginning it might be a good book to read, and a good time to read it.

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