By review @SimonCocking of Digital Transformation, Build Your Organization’s Future for the Innovation Age by Lindsay Herbert, available from Bloomsbury here

Innovation in the face of major external change is critical for any organization’s success, but attempting to do so often leads to more questions than actions: Where do you start? How do you get the right resources? How should work be implemented? What data should you measure? 

This book covers the end-to-end execution of digital transformation – from leadership-level strategy, to on-the-ground team implementation. With the biggest revelation of all, Herbert argues, being that true digital transformation only needs to happen once because, at its core, it means becoming more adaptive to change itself.

Featuring the ‘how to’ of digital transformation devised from successes across every sector, Herbert distils it into five actionable stages. These stages act as a repeatable framework for continual innovation, allowing you to produce results immediately and grow change incrementally across your organization. 

Herbert draws on her own experiences in leading change and innovation programmes globally, as well as featuring insights from experts and leaders from organizations as diverse as the World Wildlife Fund, Morgan Stanley, Royal Caribbean Cruises, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Rijksmuseum, the American Cancer Society, The Guardian, Harvard University, and many others.

Moving into 2018 many companies are still struggling to work out what it means to be digital and how to effectively achieve this. Lots of CEOs make dramatic pronouncements about their imminent switch to digital, and then do very little, slowly, or have all the companies social media utterances carefully managed by the digital marketing department. Whereas truly effective digital transformation should actually mean that you have a genuine and meaningful online presence. Though of course many senior management people have zero presence online. They make it to retirement age without having to embrace this [digital transformation] or they will be swept away by those that do exist online. Things have moved fast, but already if you have no Linkedin profile, nor Twitter, nor Telegram, it already begins to suggest that you are not willing to put your actions where your mouth is.

We’ll see how many C-level execs over the age of 50, or even 40? eat their digital dogfood, but this book at least gives a clear road map to follow or ignore at your peril. Of all the of the digital transformation books we have reviewed recently, this one does embrace the challenge and offer real, meaningful tips for how to try and successfully achieve the desired digital transformation. Read it or ignore it at your peril.

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