Did you know Eternal Trusts provides a mechanism that guarantees execution of your bravest and most fantastic dreams and wishes. ET can also support you in more tangible matters and guarantee execution of real objectives in the near future. Today we would like to present you education trusts by ET.

We understand the special importance of quality education in the 21st century lots of parents dream of giving their children better education opportunities, however, few can afford that kind of luxury. To solve this issue there are education trusts?—?special funds providing a complete solution for financing your child’s education and finding the best service package for minimum price.

Education trusts cannot be seized by creditors

As you already know, a trust is a legal agreement through which one party holds the right to manage some assets for the benefit of a third party. A trust can be created for any period of time and it must have a certain purpose that when met, terminates the trust created for it. These characteristics make trusts optimal for solving the issue of long-term financing of child’s education. Such trust is considered a purpose trust and is created to provide education for a certain student. This is convenient because everyday situations don’t change the fact that the funds can only be allocated towards the needs of the beneficiary and not towards other needs. They also can’t be seized by creditors, etc.

The smart-contract-based technological solution by ET that is time-tested will only become more reliable over time. ET can monitor the quality of services in choosing, managing and organising an education program using the funds in the education trust. ET guarantees the designated use of funds and provides an optimal solution. The services covered in a trust can include: tuition, study allowance, living expenses in the country of study and transportation expenses.

Education Trusts?—?is a very popular service that stands improved in our project with more transparency thanks to blockchain technology and the expertise of our analysts.

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