As we know, there is a difference between saving and investing. Traditionally we get used to reckon that savings is something that is a part of income to spend at a future date. However, investing actually is using your savings and making your money work for you by putting them in financial instruments. The question is, what financial instruments will likely be most profitable at the time of cryptocurrency activity. Let’s discuss the investment features of PXLT tokens as well as PXL cryptocurrency.

What people are looking for when investing? We assume they are looking for the best financial options that can ensure financial security in case of different financial hardships. So, why not choose to invest to PXLT tokens?

First of all, we provide an opportunity to receive PXLT and to earn up to 50% of profits coming from transactions of Pixel Network that will be shared between PXLT token holders directly proportionally to the shares in the project. This fact brings us to the idea, that holding a certain amount of PXLT will be a great decision to be prepared in case of financial hardships.

Another question is, when people want to achieve financial independence. So, you would ask, how can we provide such conditions within the Pixel Charity Project? And this question will be a right question from you.

We are convinced that when you are purchasing a PXL cryptocurrency within the project, you will be able to exchange your PXL to USD dollars at any time you want without the fear of depreciation and fluctuations of currency. So, after all, we save your money as well as guarantee and prolong your financial independence. Most importantly, when we accept fiat money and put them onto a bank deposit, the interest gained goes directly to pre-selected charity funds.

The last question we should consider is the financial risks on investments to pixel charity project. Are there any risks when holding a PXL or PXLT? Before investing, you must understand that different investment choices have different risks. It is crucial to know and analyze the risks associated with each financial instrument or product before you take the step to invest your hard earned money. What about PXL and PXLT, are there any existing risks people may face? We decreased risks for PXL and PXLT token holders by maximum. Firstly, we are aware that PXL cryptocurrency is more than a virtual asset, it is a stable coin and the meaning of stability can’t be linked with risks. Owning PXL means that the owner has a right to a tangible asset, which is secured with a digital token. As a result, the PXL is the digital equivalent of such an asset. We plan periodically to conduct independent audit and always confirm that PXL are 100% backed by real dollars in 1:1 proportion.

What should we add to aforementioned information?

We abandoned to the idea that existence of PXL cryptocurrency of Pixel Charity Project is a challenge to traditional banks, so the expression of mistrust of the company can be explained by financial institutions. As we stated, unique characteristics of PXL allow to refer this cryptocurrency to a digital certificate with its main function being able to join into the Pixel charity project, therefore owning PXL cryptocurrency is a conformation of participation in a global charity project.

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