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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Touch to Review is a tablet/kiosk based customer feedback tool used to gather quality feedback from those customers who typically do not give feedback – day to day customers who are on site/in store. We believe that to effectively manage your business, you need to listen to these customers and not hope that they give feedback online or retrospectively.

Feedback is carried out on the premises through a tablet and keyboard system using our Touch to Review app. Feedback can be online in the case of the service industry with the information feeding straight to the Hotel/restaurant’s TripAdvisor page or it can be offline.

Offline feedback is like comment cards for the 21st century. Results of this are accessible online in an easy to understand dashboard. This allows comparisons to be made, day to day, week to week etc so results are easily measured.

How are you different?

Firstly, Our system works on site. Every customer who walks through the door of a Hotel, Restaurant, bank etc can leave feedback, not limited to online surveys or hoping customers will leave feedback. With an estimated 80% of customers leaving hotels without giving any feedback for example, our system targets this valuable cohort.

Secondly, our system, in the case of Hotels/Restaurants allows the possibility to link directly with Tripadvisor so a customer can rate their experience via Tripadvisor on site. Tripadvisor is still the most influential player in the online review sphere.

Thirdly, most retailers know the value of email addresses. With our system they can collect customer email addresses for their email marketing eg newsletter. This is an opt in for the customer. For the retailer, our system syncs with their Mailchimp, Aweber or whatever email marketing software they use thus adding to their lists with no extra effort.

Fourthly, We also allow testimonials to be collected if the retailer wishes to use testimonials as lead generators on their website for future business which is popular among lots of service industry providers.

Finally, we have a channel for complaints, allowing the customer to register a complaint and that that channel triggers as a priority for the retailer so that they can, through our alert system, deal with complaints immediately and avert any risk to reputation.

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Why will the company / product do well?

We provide retailers with quick, valuable data that you can only get from data provided onsite/in store. Most people don’t bother with online surveys or bother to leave feedback retrospectively that’s why our system will do well.

Where are you based, how is the broadband? How long will you stay there?

We’re based in Mullingar, Westmeath. We’re happy with the IT infrastructure there are see ourselves based there for the foreseeable future, It’s a good town to be based in, well serviced with great supports for start ups.

When was the company launched?

February 2015 officially.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Interview with Today fm’s Sunday Business show which got us a lot of exposure. We got to test very quickly on the ground which allowed us to learn a lot, very quickly. We’ve also a hotel chain in the pipeline but cannot say anything about that win just yet?

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Our target audience for now are the service industry (Hotels, restaurants etc) and retail banking – typically credit unions, with other aspects of retail in line for inclusion down the line. Really any offline retailer who sees that to get repeat business they need to keep their current customers happy as they very often become advocates. We’re looking at the health and travel sectors also down the line.

Tell us about your team? 

Touch to Review is a Husband and wife team, consisting of Ciaran and Aurelie both coming from a Teaching background. Ciaran’s area is design and sales where are Aurelie’s specialism is in a technical capacity and so looks after the site, the app and all social media.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

Our goals are to establish ourselves in Ireland in a few retail avenues. Long term, we see ourselves expanding into the UK and mainland Europe again looking at a number of offerings in various aspects of retail.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Apart from our smart phones and Tablets that we use for the business, the only other tech gadget that we like is pro tools audio recording software and hardware. We’re looking into adding podcasting to our arsenal and this seems to be working very well so far in a test capacity. We don’t really use many tech gadgets but rather use tech apps and software that help our business.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

The G-drive looks pretty good in terms of speed and using USB3 also would love to get a couple of the slate laptop desks as we mostly work mobile with our laptops and these would be a cool edition!

Twitter: @Touchtoreview

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