Most networks now are releasing their iPhone 4s prices. Below are Three’s and O2’s bill pay and pre pay prices for both devices and plans:

















O2’s device prices on bill and pre pay:









O2’s plan prices on bill and pre pay:









Currently we’re still awaiting Vodafone’s plan and device price details (may not be out until tomorrow), but it does seem that O2 are currently offering the least amount of data with their plans for the iPhone. And considering that the iPhone is ALL about data this is very disappointing from the second largest network in the country. What ever you decide to do make sure you’ve read through all the details of the plans and device prices before signing up to a long contract. If you’re considering moving networks get a free pre pay sim from that network and test out the signal before you move. It also seems that Three only have the 16GB iPhone 4s for sale online at present Update: Three are selling all iPhone 4s devices from free to 439euro depending on price plan and contract length.

Update: The iPhone 4S will be available to buy from midnight tonight at the 3Store on Grafton Street. Watch this space for more details.




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