By @SimonCocking, review of  This Might Get Me Fired, by Gregory Larkin.

If someone told you the best thing you could do for your company is to aim to be fired, you’d probably experience mental whiplash.

Yet, this approach is exactly what innovator and intrapreneur Gregory Larkin says will launch you to the greatest heights of your career, if you know how to secure the right people in your corner and exactly when and how to make a move. Greg launched more than 30 new products with Fortune 500 companies and startups over his career.

In his book, aptly named This Might Get Me Fired, Greg divulges formative success secrets and tips that coach to building an entrepreneurial mindset, which is necessary for the movers and shakers wishing to bring change to their organizations. Readers will walk away knowing how to navigate the power structures of corporate enterprises, and why 8 weeks is the only time frame you should be using to launch a new product.

This book is interesting journey into the challenges of innovation and bring an intrapreneur, ie someone who is trying to deliver innovation projects within a large organisation. The book offers some useful examples of how you can manage to achieve this. Tips on how to build allies and effective supporters of your program. At the same time, or rather perhaps reading between the lines it is clear, both from the author’s own personal experiences, and from the cautionary notes he provides, it is not always possible to achieve success by this route. Time and time again, both from his counterexamples, his own career path, and plenty of global examples that come to mind, it is clear that often you need to leave to truly become successful. In many recent books on innovation that we have reviewed you do begin to wonder if innovation is, by definition, something that is nearly impossible for large organisations to achieve.

This is no fault of this book though and the author has created a smart, insightful guide to assessing if it is possible to be a successful intrapreneur in your own particular company. He has good readable, insightful anecdotes, and is delivering good wisdom based on actual painful encounters he has survived. The one failing of this book is that it could have easily been twice as long and still an enjoyable and interesting read.

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