By @SimonCocking. Available from Amazon here. The Leader’s Guide to Presenting is a highly practical guide to delivering engaging and influential presentations. From informal to formal settings, you’ll discover how persuasion, influence and communication are critical to your own impact, the motivation and engagement of others and, ultimately, the success of your organisation.

Like us you may have seen enough truly awful presentations by leaders of organisations to wish many many more people had read a book like this. You may have thought that the days of death by powerpoint, or tediously reading every word from slides with far too small text were over. Sadly however it seems like the higher someone is in their organisation, the less likely anyone else is to tell them that they need to brush up on their presentation skills. Perhaps like halitosis, we are into ‘the emperor’s new clothes’ territory, where no one wants to risk their own career progression by telling the boss that, frankly, their presentation was sh#te.

This book could be a delicate way to break it to those who really need to hear it. Good preparation is of course at the heart of all good presentations. Fortunately the book does go into more detail on a range of useful areas to help those important people in your life, and yourself, who could make life more tolerable for the rest of us who have to listen to their presentations. There are good tips, insights and strategies into how to communicate more effectively, which hopefully will mean better use of everyone’s time. TEDx has it’s pros and cons, but it has illustrated that a lot can be communicated in 18 minutes or less, hopefully this book will continue to increase the quality of the talks we listen too. We know podcasts are doing well with Irish Tech News, so it is a great opportunity for those willing to embrace it and take on board some of the tips in this book.

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