Curated and edited by @SimonCocking.Great guest blog by John McGovern @johnitagged  from iTagged @iTagged about the Dublin Augmented Reality conference. This post originally appeared on the iTagged website.

The second European Augmented Reality (AR) conference took place in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland, on April 29th.

Many leading Augmented Reality businesses, visionaries, 4D thinkers, interface designers and marketers attended the event. The event was a big success and many amazing projects were demoed. AR’s future is big, bright & bold. Around the world, people are beginning to understand the super-power benefits Augmented Reality provides a tool to connect with the world in a truly interactive way. AR enables everyone to become an interactive story-teller and a holographic hero.

“Augmented Reality is the next disruptive industry” – Keith Jordan

Organised by Alex Gibson @thepersuaders, senior lecturer in Marketing in DIT, his team ensured the best AR businesses attended the event. They also ensured the top Augmented Reality minds in the world were at the event, including Andrew Jenkinson ‘creative and technical innovation in the 3D world’. Catherine Daly  ‘AR for all – A case study of golden AR’. Dave Lorenzini ‘AR strategies for 2020 vision’. Gaia Dempsey ‘Learn, work and play: The augmented future we are building’. Louis Jebb ‘The potential of AR, and VR, in selling the ideal home’. Scott Hope ‘Experiential marketing with AR’. Tomi Ahonen ‘Augmented Reality: The 8th mass medium’.

Why Is Augmented Reality Great?

Augmented Reality allows you to discover the world while showing you relevant information through a digital display. Think of when you go on holidays, you don’t know where the best restaurant is, you don’t know where the best beach is or what people are talking about around you. With the power of Augmented Reality, this changes. You can enhance every experience in your life by getting all of that information displayed to you without wasting any time. Check out this short clip to see how Augmented Reality can enhance your entire world.

Who Was At The AR Conference, Dublin

1. iTagged: The AR marketing conference was the perfect place to showcase our platform. On the day, we provided hands-on demos of our app, a fantastic 3D projected wall on display and an Oculus Rift demo which displayed our AR tags into a VR world.

“iTagged uses Augmented Reality combined with location-based services, image capturing and social sharing to digitize real-world experiences. The app allows users to capture, share and discover the world around them but unlike ever seen before.” – IDA Ireland

iTagged is the first company in the world to merge Augmented Reality, location-based information and social media. By combining these worlds we enable people worldwide to put their memories where they belong and to get social when they want. The platform is an exciting new way to capture and share all your moments, Augmented Reality style. Currently, social media does not let you connect with people how you want, when you want. iTagged is a versatile and customisable App, allowing you to discover and share the world at your own pace. Find the best place to eat, what people around you are talking about, or what your close friends are up to. Augmented Reality allows you to lift up your head to explore the world around you, instead of exploring the world with your head tilted down into your phone.

2. Daqri: Daqri discussed some amazing projects, including their Crayola 4D colouring book, the EEG brain wave tracker (Melon) headset and more. With 4D, digital information and imagery can come back into our reality. “A young chemist can manifest fully interactive and geometrically accurate floating models of complex molecules. An animator can bring Buzz Lightyear into a child’s living room and craft immersive stories with unprecedented emotional power. These sorts of possibilities are now emerging in concert with rapidly advancing hardware and software” – Daqri.

3. vStream: Specialists in outstanding creative executions that integrate technology with high-level cinematic techniques so your brand stands out from the crowd. vStream had a fantastic interactive glass wall which people could manipulate and interact with, bringing out an experience like this is what AR is all about. vStream have worked on multiple big marketing projects helping to bring AR into the mainstream, including this interactive bartender Augmented Reality game for Jameson

4. Twnkls: An Augmented Reality agency that focuses on creation, development, production and implementation of mobile AR applications. Twnkls have some fantastic products that enhance learning and education, branding, construction and industrial sectors.

5. Von Bismark: A new age eCommerce provider. VonBismark aims to provide more interactive channels and opportunities for apparel retailers. They have integrated their service onto the X-Box (The Mall), allowing people to be closer to the end of the purchasing cycle by displaying what you will look like wearing the product before purchasing it.

Conclusion: The third Augmented Reality Marketing conference is set to be bigger and better than this year, and all of us at iTagged cannot wait to see a host of new augmented products arrive onto the market.

Augmented Reality is on the road to be the next disruptive market, and it will happen a lot faster than most people believe. This is because Augmented Reality allows people to have the most immersive and interactive experience that is available in the world.

Thanks for that guest post from John McGovern @johnitagged 

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