ITAG’s AtlanTec Conference 2015 will take place at GMIT, Galway on May 15th. It will provide attendees and participants with an opportunity to discuss and explore the future of software development with key global industry experts.

AtlanTec was created by a group of ITAG professionals from Galway’s software sector whose goal is to expand the conference year on year to promote the West of Ireland as a first class location in which to develop software.

A number of companies are actively supporting the event including Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Storm Technology, ICE Cube, Intel, LERO, Neueda Technologies, Avaya, CPL, and ITAG Skillnet

Some of the speakers for the inaugural conference will be:

  • Kevlin Henney, author of ‘97 Things Every Programmer Should Know’,
  • Jon Jagger, renowned guru in Test Driven Development practices,
  • Giovanni Asproni, organizer of XP 2015,
  • Dave Farley, thought leader in the field of Continuous Integration
  • Galway’s own John McGuire, creator of world famous GAME GOLF product
  • John Lynch, Cisco Systems – “Process of Software Engineering
  • Brian Doody, Hewlett Packard – “Infrastructure as Code”

Patrick Eustace, one of the founders who works with Cisco said, “Our goal is to create an event which will bring together the grass roots of our industry so we can learn from each other, whilst promoting professional development. We hope to expand the conference year on year and let the global stage see what a first class location the West of Ireland is to develop software in”

Full details for the event and information on how to book can be found at

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