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The like button, a button to show appreciation, to acknowledge a comment and sometimes just down right abused by people. Just the other day I uploaded some edited photos from a recent trip to London and the album was liked with 5 seconds.

Number 1 is that this tells me the person in question is a button abuser but also it tells me that they didn’t bother looking at any of the photos and that just down right irritates me.

You should be careful with the like button as things turn out, the like button and the news feed algorithm are actually pretty sensitive. Facebook gives you an unending slew of opportunities to hit that button, because the more that you like stuff the more accurate the algorithm gets at predicting what you want to see in your newsfeed.

The system works pretty well but it is based on two assumptions;

  1. You actually like the posts you are hitting the like button on, you may not like a certain news report in its content however you like that you received it and that it appeared on your feed.
  2. That you are somewhat picky about what you like, because if you like everything then it all just becomes meaningless.

So what does actually happen then if you like everything? Every single photo, every single status, every single game request, every single promotion. Wired’s Mat Honan decided to do just that and here is what he said happened.

My News Feed took on an entirely new character in a surprisingly short amount of time. After checking in and liking a bunch of stuff over the course of an hour, there were no human beings in my feed anymore…Nearly my entire feed was given over to Upworthy and the Huffington Post…As I went to bed, I remember thinking “Ah, crap. I have to like something about Gaza,” as I hit the Like button on a post with a pro-Israel message.

By the next morning, the items in my News Feed had moved very, very far to the right. I’m offered the chance to like the 2nd Amendment and some sort of anti-immigrant page. I like them both. I like Ted Cruz. I like Rick Perry. The Conservative Tribune comes up again, and again, and again in my News Feed. I get to learn its very particular syntax.

If you want to read his full article you can check it out here. Looks like the Facebook algorithm can adopt quite a strange persona when one decides to like everything that they can.

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