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It is always hard to predict the future. Sometimes it’s hard to know what we’re doing next week, let alone next year or in five years time.

If you had to stick your neck out you might say that we will have more personal health data immediately available to us. But what we really need to do is to try and extrapolate from these more predictable trends, what exactly the implications of this will be. Will we be descending into an imminent ‘skynet’ scenario or hopefully something more benign.

Fortunately, as part of the 2014 Fingal Enterprise Week, there are some eminently qualified people gathering together to try and make their best estimates of what we might be able to expect in the coming year(s). It should be interesting, and hopefully this …

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is still a few years away yet.

The event is on next Monday, here is the organisers description of the event.

We are living in a time when business owners need to plan for emerging technologies and trends. Data is king in the world of Information Technology. Social media platforms are evolving as a new source of business intelligence. And cloud computing is, finally, delivering on IT’s role as a driver of business growth. Join us for a panel discussion with technology commentator Andy O’Donohue, Owner and founder of Eirtight technologies John Beckett, David O’Mahony of Google and hosted by Director of QED training Noel Davidson to discover what technology trends will impact on business life in 2015 and beyond.


MC:Noel Davidson, QED Training
Andy O’Donoghue, Beaumex
John Beckett, Eirtight Technology
David O’Mahony, Google
Venue: The Gallery Suite, The Helix, DCU

Date: 06/10/2014

Registration 30 minutes before the listed start time.

Time: 07.30-10.00
The Future Tech Trends event will give you a glimpse into emerging technologies and trends for 2015 and beyond.

Fingal E week

Event website

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