What does it take to launch a successful exchange? A compelling vision, an aligned community and an ability to map the territory. But furthermore, successful exchanges will need to read the market: see what it lacks and not allow the market’s weaknesses to undermine its professional efforts in building a trusted and credible platform.

Whitfield Diffie, a pioneer American crypographer, said, “Lots of people working in cryptography have no deep concern with real application issues. They are trying to discover things clever enough to write papers about.”

Rudolf Medvedev, CEO of Ternion and co author of the ebook with Ternion advisor David Mark, says “We, at Ternion, are creating an exchange that will reform the future of cryptocurrency as we know it. But to do that, we had to analyze the market and provide an individual solution to the real application issues that the market faces. We are concerned with them because these are the issues we had to overcome to stand where we are today.

“Someday we will be in the books, but for now, we wrote one.”

Ternion’s first eBook is intended to guide interested cryptographers, traders, and anyone that buys and sells coins to think critically about exchanges, their limitations and their unfulfilled potential.

The book, Strategic Thinking of an Exchange, is 12 pages in total and covers three issues: volatility, security and liability. Prevention of volatility and integration of the other two elements in a crypto exchange is important for sustaining its credibility and successful operation.

Read the book and learn how to overcome the limits of cryptocurrency exchanges that hinder further development of cryptocurrency on a larger scale. Learn about the importance of liability towards your clients, security measures, volatility of the market and why regulation is key.

Read, learn and participate in the discussion. To download the book, please follow the link.

Ternion is a hybrid and licensed crypto exchange with a fiat gateway and integrated merchant services. Ternion designs a platform that will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency and will make it accessible and transparent. By setting the bar high, Ternion makes sure that only reliable players can succeed on the market. The MVP of the Ternion Exchange is available on the website. Ternion transforms the present and future by utilizing the knowledge of financial and legal realities, as well as implementing innovative blockchain solutions. To learn more about Ternion, please visit the website.


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