A lot of change at Uhive – let’s check with  Steve Cahill, social media marketing manager for updates:

Our global public beta will be fully deployed and released to all of our customers by October 2018.

Given the progress we’ve made in the last months, and after an in-depth research and market study, our team decided to do some changes to our token sales process. Our goal was to ensure a successful UHIVE App release and to protect the token value.

We’re very committed to making it right, so here’s our plan for moving forward:

• Release the actual social network App.
• Get users, momentum and offer Crowd Sale.
• Go to exchange platforms.

Let’s dive into the details:

Because of the cryptocurrency market immaturity, and with many tokens crypto sales on the market that does not have an actual product, and to protect the token value when it is released on the exchange platforms, we decided to do the following changes to ensure successful UHIVE App release and token value growth over time:

  1. Switch to Private Sale. (For all the people who bought tokens before this announcement, please check here).
  2. Release UHIVE social network app globally in October 2018.
  3. Start global Crowd Sale for UHIVE tokens.
  4. Get users and momentum. (Check our Aggressive Go to Market Strategy)
  5. Start negotiations with high quality exchange platforms Q4/ 2018.
Token Sale Stages

This will increase the token value, and will give the users and token holders a higher return on their investment.

Finally, we changed our domain, The UHIVE social network domain is now: uhive.life

For further information, please reach out to us on these platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uhivesocial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/uhivesocial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/uhivesocial
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCYeBI0Gq3xh8xVEgtqUEahA
Telegram: www.t.me/uhivesocial

To inquire about purchasing UHIVE Tokens, please email [email protected]ife


We have been working for the past four years into transforming social networking and taking it into a new era, that combines the technological capabilities with human psychology to deliver a unique experience!

Today, we are very excited to share UHIVE’s alpha video with you, which demonstrates the alpha version of the UHIVE’s social network app.




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