We all know who they are. The Twitteratti. ­People who are really popular on Twitter. Why are they so popular? What is it that makes them stand out?

1. They usually have a very interesting bio and a happy smiling photo of themselves or it’s funny.

Here’s one example:TedRBio

And another….

2. They are consistent. ­You kinda know they will be up to something interesting or will be providing useful content and tips.
3. They aren’t bitchy or negative. Look back on their tweets. There is usually a lot of positivity in there.
4. They don’t overuse hashtags
5. Their lists are organized and full of interesting people you can have a look at and follow too!
6. They are helpful. They might tweet out a great offer or good service they received. They will also have links to useful tips or content.
7. They use pictures and tweet positive images of different subjects and from other people. In other words it’s not all about them. They retweet others too.
8. They endorse industry leaders or colleagues in their industry.
9. The best Tweeters will not let a mention go by without responding in some way and always within a certain amount of time.
10. They can tweet at any time so be ready! They are always out and about and will always share what inspires them.

Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter. She regularly runs Twitter workshops around the country to help people achieve this. The next workshop will be held in Dublin and booking details can be found here

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