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A free exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin @SciGalleryDub. A not-for-profit space in Dublin where science and art collide at TCD Dublin @tcddublin.

What is a secret? When are secrets a good thing and who has the right to keep them? What secrets should never be revealed and where is more transparency needed? If you have nothing to hide, are you not looking hard enough? These are just some of the questions that Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin will explore in the exhibition SECRET: NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

The Republic of Privacy by Soomi Park as part of SECRET- NOTHING TO SEE HERE at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin (10)

From government surveillance to Hollywood spoilers, everyone has a secret. How do scientists, hackers, spies, journalists, psychologists, criminals, companies and governments approach this new world of secrets? From Easter eggs to cryptocurrencies, puzzles to politics, SECRET asks what is being hidden from us, and what are we hiding, from whom, and why?

We often think of privacy as something passive that can be lost, taken away or diminished. Secrecy is more active, and sometimes more fun — it’s something we can share with trusted friends, keep from foes, protect from prying governments or destroy through whistleblowing. From gossip to encryption, speakeasies to tax havens, PIN codes to patents, secrets pervade every layer of society. Knowledge may be power, but secrecy is the gatekeeper of knowledge.

Transparency Grenade by Julian Oliver as part of SECRET- NOTHING TO SEE HERE at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin

SECRET will explore the social and technological aspects of secrecy, particularly the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy. Curated by Tad Hirsch, creator of TxtMob, and former manager at Intel Labs; artist and critical engineer Julian Oliver; Marie Redmond, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin and Interim Director of Science Gallery Dublin, Ian Brunswick, SECRET will feature the work of 22 artists. Highlights include:

  • A secret handshake training device

  • A sound piece that explores the now widespread use of voice analysis by government agencies and private companies

  • A Crypto Bar, where visitors can download cryptographic software to the their mobile devices or experiment with artist made privacy apps


Where: Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

When: Now till 01.11.15

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